ANNOUNCEMENT: ZIPS in Mount Vernon, VA – Open For Business!

The ZIPS in Mount Vernon, VA officially opened its doors on Friday, June 30th at 9am.

The store is located at 8796 Sacramento Drive, in the Sacramento Center shopping center on Rt. 1/Richmond Highway, and is approximately 4 miles from Fort Belvoir. 

Andy Cucchiara, Vice President of Franchise Operations for ZIPS said, “We are very excited to open our second company store . We have had positive response from the customers in the area and we look forward to providing great customer service and quality cleaning, which ZIPS is known for.  This is the 6th location that we opened in 2017. We are on pace to open several more stores this year, and we hope to be closer to 60 ZIPS locations by the end of 2017.“

Marlin Franco, the Store Manager at the ZIPS in Mount Vernon said, “Our goal is to consistently deliver absolute customer satisfaction at a very affordable price point. The fact is that everyone needs dry cleaning in some capacity. The real question customers should ask themselves is, ‘Would I rather pay $50-$60 for ten pieces to be dry cleaned, or $22.90 for the same ten pieces and have it done in one day?’”

ZiPS - Mt. vernon, VA

ZiPS - Mt. Vernon, VA